Famous Fruits From Around The World

Photo: Nikiko/Pixabay

If you love to travel, you probably know that every country has their own unique agriculture that produces all sorts of different fruits. So, before you go on your next trip, look out for these fruits to try, so you can taste them at their best.


The mangosteen is the national fruit of Thailand and has a purple exterior with a soft, almost lychee-looking interior. The fruit is slightly acidic and tastes like a cross between a sweet citrus fruit and a peach or nectarine.


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Pomegranates are one of the seven native species to Israel, so you know they are amazing. Usually they are much larger than in other parts of the world, and have seeds that are ruby red, plump, and full of juice.


The lychee is a red kind of spiny looking fruit on the outside, with a translucent white interior and a big black pit. The taste is sweet and very floral, but isn’t too in-your-face.


Spain has some of the best oranges in the world, and many varieties. Valencia is the region that produces very sweet and lovely oranges, but there are also oranges from Seville that are more bitter.