Exotic African Fruits You Need to Try

Image by jasper-m from Pixabay

Africa is home to a rich and vibrant culinary heritage. In addition to the interesting and varied dishes on offer, they also have a great many fantastic raw fruits and vegetables most people in the West have never heard of.

Let’s take a look some exotic African fruits you’ve got to try.


The fruit of the famous baobab tree has three times as much vitamin C as oranges, 50% more calcium than there is in spinach, and many more vitamin, minerals and antioxidants. Often eaten raw, it is also eaten with milk, sugar, honey or water.


Native to Africa, ackee is now the national fruit of Jamaica. The creamy flesh of the interior can be eaten and is slightly bitter to the taste. But the seeds and the outside skin are toxic, so make sure you steer clear of those!

Horned Melon

Distinctive by its green jelly interior and a favorite throughout Africa, horned melon is said to taste like a banana. It is high in fiber and vitamin C.

Kola Nut

This is the fruit that originally created the coca cola drinks. High in caffeine and protein, it certainly can help get you moving. It is often a nice addition in a drink if you need a boost, or can simply be chewed for a little extra energy.