Enjoy These Tasty Delights While You’re in Nashville, Tennessee

Photo by Kobby Mendez on Unsplash

Nashville might be called Music City, but there’s another reason people visit there from far and wide: the food. Indeed, the locals are usually munching on something tasty during all of those live concerts, and it’s no surprise why. The city is known for a handful of tasty dishes, and here’s what you should look for if you’re in town.

Hot Chicken

Nashville is the homeland of Hot Chicken and you won’t find it better anywhere else. Unlike your standard crispy chicken, Nashville Hot Chicken is known for its iconic recipe that includes buttermilk and a nice amount of cayenne pepper.


Although biscuits were known to have come from Persia, the people of Nashville adopted their own take on it. These aren’t to be confused with their London counterparts. Biscuits that you find in Nashville are less like cookies, and more like fluffy clouds of goodness that can’t be denied.


Similar to the biscuits, the donuts in Nashville are proof that Southerners really have their baking game down pat. If you’re someone who enjoys donuts, you won’t be disappointed at all in what you find.