Discover the Magical World of Mousse Cakes with Mei Yee

Mousse cakes are a perfect fit for everyone who enjoys desserts with a light and airy texture. Food blogger Mei Yee happens to be one of those people. She’s constantly sharing recipes for colorful and delicious mousse cakes on her Instagram page, and here are some of her very best recipes.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

If you don’t want to experiment too much with your mousse cake, this recipe is just the thing you need. It will win you over with its crunchy crust and chocolate Rice Krispie filling.

Lemon Coconut Mousse

Lemon desserts are one of Yee’s specialties, and she took things to a whole new level with this one. She paired lemon juice with some poppy seeds, white chocolate, and coconut whipping cream to get the ultimate refreshing dessert.

Berry Mousse Cake

This mousse cake resembles the previous one in shape, but their taste is completely different. This time around, Yee used homemade berry jelly and blubbery glaze to give this cake its purple hue.

Matcha Mousse Cake

Yee’s Instagram page is filled with green desserts that owe their vibrant color to matcha powder. That also happens to be the case with this adorable mousse cake that looks too good to be true.