Did You Know Wine Could Be Made With These Fruits?

Making wine
Image by Viktoriya Matveeva from Pixabay

When you think of wine, you probably think of a tasty alcoholic beverage made with fermented grapes. This is the traditional way of making wine, but did you know there are other fruit that can be used in the process? Let’s check out three fruit you likely didn’t know could be used to make wine.


Bananas have long been used to make alcoholic beverages in banana-growing regions of Africa, and now they are starting to expand and be commercially produced. The high sugar content of bananas makes it a prime choice for fermentation, resulting in a white, semi-sweet wine.


The Caucasus region and the Middle East are the main centers of pomegranate production, and some winemakers have mastered the technique of turning this ruby red fruit into wine. Pomegranate from Israel is a well-known variety, and many Armenian wineries are also starting to produce pomegranate wine.


Are you a fan of tropical flavors? If so, pineapple wine is a great choice for you! Sweet and usually drunk as a dessert wine, you’ll find producers in places like Hawaii (the pineapple capital of the world) and the Dominican Republic churning out this unique product.