Best Ways to Make Banana Bread a Little Bit Healthier

Banana bread
Photo by Cody Chan on Unsplash

Everyone seems to be obsessed with banana bread these days, and for a good reason! This is definitely one of the most delicious baked goods on the market, and you can make it even better by putting a healthy twist on it.

Flour Choice

The flour you’re using will make or break your banana bread. It’s best to replace white flour with gluten-free varieties, such as almond and oat flour, if you’re trying to keep your bread on the healthy side.

Healthy Add-Ins

There are many ingredients you can add to your bread to improve its taste. Nuts, seeds, and fruits are some of the most popular healthy options, while chocolate chips are best avoided, or replaced with cacao or dark chocolate.

Avoid Sugar Overload

Adding processed sugar to your banana bread is best avoided because you’ll get that sweet taste that you’re craving from bananas alone. If you insist on making your banana bread sweeter, stick to natural sweeteners, such as honey and maple syrup.

Smaller Portions

Even if you make all of these changes, bananas are still pretty high in carbs. That’s why this baked good is best eaten in moderation, especially if you’re trying to embrace a low-carb approach to your diet.