Beer Styles That are Great For Warm Weather Sipping

Ah, can you smell that? It’s the smell of flowers blooming and the Earth beginning to smile in the Northern Hemisphere as the temperatures warm up and spring kicks into full gear. Believe it or not, after a long and cold winter, it’s almost time for summer evenings outside and warm outdoor activities.

Are you a beer lover who is wondering what beers to add to your list to drink in the warm weather? Here are some great styles to choose from!

Session IPA

Session IPAs are a lighter version of the classic India Pale Ale, which is known for its high hop content and piney, citrus flavors. If you’re looking for a more accessible and easier-to-drink version of the classic IPA, the session version is fantastic for this purpose.


Have you ever tried a gose before? This beer style has recently emerged as a favorite in the craft beer world after its discovery. This style, which began as an obscure hundreds-old German creation, is now popular due to its slightly sour and salty characteristics, making it perfect for drinking while sweating outside.


If you aren’t quite adventurous enough to wander too far into the craft beer world, don’t despair! By grabbing a classic pilsner, which combines sweet malt flavors with the perfect balance of hop bitterness for a crisp and refreshing product, you’ll be prepared for spending time outside in the warm weather.