Authentic Italian Side Dishes You Can Make At Home

Italian dishes
Photo by Quin Engle on Unsplash

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular in the world because most of their dishes such as pizza or pasta are extremely easy to prepare, yet they are absolutely delicious. Check out some of the best authentic Italian side dishes that will spoil your guests at the next dinner party.

Caprese Salad

This is an authentic Italian salad that’s super easy to prepare at home and it’s packed with rich flavors of creamy mozzarella, ripe tomatoes, and fresh basil.

Focaccia Bread

Focaccia is a popular Italian bread that can be both savory and sweet and you can eat it with literally anything from soups and mashed potatoes to grilled veggies, hummus, or pesto.

Grilled Eggplant

Eggplant is a staple in Italian cuisine and this flavorful and creamy side dish is perfect for people who want to eat this healthy veggie more often. Grilled eggplant is a nice side to meat dishes such as lamb chops.

Roasted Potatoes

This is a versatile side dish that everyone loves, and it’s also very easy to prepare. Coat your potatoes with herbs, olive oil and Parmesan to take this dish to a whole new level.


Bruschetta can be served both as a side dish or appetizer and the beauty of these tasty bites is that they are completely customizable and easy to prepare.