Adding Honey to Your Tea? Here are a Few Things You Should Know

Honey and tea
Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

As far as natural sweeteners go, nothing really beats honey. You can use it to replace highly-processed sugar in many foods and drinks, including tea. It’s very common to use honey as a tea sweetener due to its many healthy properties, but here are three things you should keep in mind before doing it.

No Toxic Properties

If you’re thinking of not adding honey to your tea because you’ve heard somewhere it can become toxic when heated, you’ll be happy to hear this is just a common misconception. You can freely add honey to warm water, but it’s best to make sure it’s not boiling hot.

Boiling Hot Water

Adding honey to boiling hot water won’t do you any harm, but it won’t do you any good either. The main reason why you’re using honey in the first place is the many health benefits it contains, but it will be stripped of them if its enzymes change when it’s added to boiling hot water.

Use Honey in Moderation

Despite being healthier than sugar, honey contains more calories and you shouldn’t go overboard when adding it to your foods and drinks, including tea. Use it in moderation and try to stick to one teaspoon per cup of tea.