Social Isolation is Your Chance to Host a Virtual Dinner Party

Are you someone who’s used to hosting dinner parties and having fun with your friends over home-cooked meals on a regular basis? If you are, then you probably miss them right now as we’re all forced to sit at home and avoid social gatherings. The good news is that you can try something new and make the quarantine days more interesting: a virtual dinner party.

Spending time with your friends doesn’t always have to mean sitting down at the same table. Cooking your favorite dish while your friends make whatever they love is a different kind of fun. You can also agree on the same food to make, it’s totally up to you. What matters the most is that you find a way to spend some time together, talk and laugh, and forget about the craziness in the world around you for a moment. It’s also a chance to dress up and get out of comfy sweats and pajamas for a few hours.

One of the advantages is that everyone’s at home already so you can drink without having to drive afterward!