5 Tricks To Cut Fruits And Vegetables Like A Pro

Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

Everyone who wishes to get better in the kitchen should use these easy tips and tricks that you can’t find in the books. The five we mention below will help you cut fruits and vegetables like a real pro.

Buy Different Knifes

You can’t cut everything with the same knife. So, the first step to cut fruits and vegetables like a pro is owning more than one knife in your kitchen. Different types will be useful for different produce.

Use Damp Paper Towel Under Cutting Board

Often the cutting board can move while you’re cutting. To prevent that, get a damp paper towel and place it under the board. This will save you time and nerves.

Use Two Plates For Small Round Fruits And Vegetables

This is a very useful trick because it only requires two plates. Place cherry tomatoes, grapes and other small produce between two plates and use a large knife to cut them in half.

Protect Your Fingers

This means that you should either curl them or use a glove. In the beginning, you might want to try wearing a glove, and once you’ve practiced more you’ll simply curl your fingers to protect them.

Trim Your Knives

Make sure that the knives are always ready to chop. It’s another basic tip to help you cut fruits and vegetables like a pro.