5 Healthy, Energizing Coffee Alternatives

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Coffee is probably everyone’s favorite drink. It does have several health benefits, but up to a certain point. Once you overdo it, you can notice digestive problems and much more. That’s why we bring you the best, healthiest coffee alternatives you need in your life.

Chai Tea Latte

Chai tea has numerous proven health benefits. If you want to get rid of coffee, but still need that extra energy, this is the first drink you should go for.

Yerba Mate

Yerba matte is one of the best coffee alternatives for all caffeine addicts. This drink is packed with a number of healthy nutrients that are great for your body. You can have it hot, cold, and even add flavors.

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Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is a great coffee alternative, considering that it gives a morning boost similar to your favorite drink. Aside from that, it will also protect you from inflammation. The taste might be a bit different to what you’re used to, but you’ll start loving it with time.

Matcha Cappucino

Matcha contains caffeine, but it’s also extremely healthy. The best thing about this miraculous powder is that it slowly releases caffeine, which leads to long hours of energy. It’s rich in the amino-acid L-theanine, that boosts the memory.


Kombucha is one of the top trending drinks among health-addicts at the moment. It provides a number of benefits including regulating the blood pressure, detox, improved digestion, boosted energy levels and more.