4 Ways to Add Some Crunch to Your Casserole

Image by Анастасия Белоусова from Pixabay

A casserole is a quick and easy recipe that literally anyone can master. Casseroles are a super creamy, delicious, and versatile meal for lunch or dinner. Did you know that you can easily take them to a whole new level simply by adding some of these tasty, crunchy toppings?


Nuts are crunchy, tasty, and of course, healthy. Adding chopped walnuts and almonds to a casserole will definitely improve its texture. You can also use cashews or pistachios if you want a deeper nutty flavor.


Mixing this popular breakfast food with casseroles probably sounds like a strange idea, but it’s not! Adding crushed cereal to this creamy dish will make it extra crunchy, and maybe even add a hint of sweetness.


Coat your casserole with breadcrumbs once it’s done cooking, and put it back in the oven just for a few minutes. Using breadcrumbs is one of the best ways to improve your casseroles because they’re inexpensive and delicious.


Another delicious way to make your casseroles extra crunchy is to mix crushed crackers with melted butter, sprinkle this over a casserole and bake until it’s golden brown.