3 Ways to Make Your Donuts Sweet Without Using Sugar

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

Most people can’t imagine eating donuts without sugar glaze, but this topping is part of the reason why they’re considered extremely unhealthy. Ditching sugar is one of the first steps towards making your donuts healthier, and you can try getting it done by using these three alternatives.

Fruity Toppings

Fruits are the best source of natural sugar, and you can use them to make your donuts healthy and delicious. Options are pretty much endless when you’re using fruits as a topping, and they’ll do a great job upping the fiber content of your donuts.

Natural Sweeteners

Speaking of natural ways to make your donuts sweet, topping them with fruits isn’t the only option. You should also consider using honey, maple syrup, and other natural sweeteners as a spread. If your recipe calls for sugar, you can consider replacing it with stevia and other healthier substitutes.

Right Spreads

Even if you ditch sugar glaze, you can still top your donuts with some delicious spreads. It’s extremely important to check their labels because many commercially produced chocolate spreads and jams are packed with sugar, and making your own is always the best idea.