3 Ways to Make Whipped Cream Without an Electric Mixer

Whipped cream
Photo by Sorin Gheorghita on Unsplash

Whipped cream is a super topping for any dessert or drink, warm or cold. You can usually buy it in a can, but it’s much richer and much cheaper to make it at home using heavy whipping cream. The easiest way to do that is with an electric hand mixer, but not everyone has one on hand, or maybe you don’t want to get that big appliance dirty and then have to wash it. Either way, here are some alternative tools for making homemade whipped cream.

With a Whisk

If you’ve got the arm strength to whisk vigorously for a few minutes, use a full-size whisk (NOT a “tiny whisk”) to whip up your whip cream in a big bowl. Use quick back-and-forth motions to whisk in as much air as possible, until it forms the peaks you want. It will tire your arm out, but it will also whip up faster than you expect.

Frothing Wand

If you have a foaming wand for foaming up milk to drink on your coffee, you can also use this to make whipped cream. The tool is a bit small, so it may not work great for larger batches. But if you just want enough for one serving of pie or one cup of coffee, it will absolutely do the trick.

Immersion Blender

The next best thing to an electric hand mixer is an immersion blender. The quick-turning blades will whip up the cream just like a mixer would, if perhaps not as gracefully.