3 Useful Cookie-Making Tools Every Baker Needs

Baking cookies
Photo by Sara Sperry on Unsplash

Baking cookies is one of the best hobbies that literally everyone can master. When it comes down to mastering this art, you really just need a few great recipes and the right baking tools. Check out three must-have tools that will make cookie baking easier and more fun!

Cookie Scoops

Cookie scoops are very useful because they’ll help you bake a perfect batch of cookies that are all the same size and shape. These scoops are also very versatile and you can use them for ice cream, muffins, cupcakes, and even for making meatballs.

Cookie Sheets

Investing in quality cookie sheets is the first thing every aspiring baker should do because not all cookie sheets are created equally. For example, dark cookie sheets absorb more heat and that’s why they can easily over-bake cookies.

Cooling Racks

The way you cool-baked cookies is also extremely important, even though many people underestimate this step. Leaving cookies on a baking sheet will probably cause them to be soggy, but you can avoid this mistake by using a cooling rack that will allow air to circulate and keep your cookies crispy.