3 Tips to Ensure Your Berries Won’t Be Moldy by Monday

Photo by Timo Volz on Unsplash

Oh berry, baby! If there’s one group of fruit that has summer written all over it, it has to be berries. Fresh, vibrant, sweet (and a little tart), berries are fantastic in everything from cocktails to salads. They are filled with antioxidants, high in fiber, are loaded with vitamin C, and have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Can you say “superfood”?

The little jewels are also excellent on their own as a snack, but, like most fruit, they are prone to spoil. Here are the best tips to ensure your berries go the distance.

Pick Your Players

When selecting your berries, look for ones that are plump and firm with high shine. Avoid punnets that have juice pooling at the bottom, and remove any berries that are bruised, slimy, or spoiled to prevent them from turning the rest of the bunch to the dark side.

Bathe Those Berry Babies

Want to know the secret to keeping your berries longer and ridding them of any mold spores? Vinegar. Combine two tablespoons of the sour solution with three cups of water and give your berries a bath once you’ve brought them back from the store. Rinse with clear water to remove the vinegary taste and gently pat dry.

Don’t Keep Them Too Cozy

Berries need to breathe. Avoid using airtight containers to store these guys as any moisture locked in will become a breeding ground for bacteria. Paper towels are a useful tool to prevent spoilage, so line your storage container with a couple of sheets and place your berries in the front of the fridge where it isn’t as cold.