3 Tips For Making Perfectly Crispy Bacon in Your Air Fryer

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

Air fryers experienced a huge boom in recent years and you can use them to make all sorts of dishes a little bit healthier—even bacon! You can use this kitchen appliance to make perfectly crispy and delicious bacon, and these three tips will help you get it done.

Don’t Overcrowd the Basket

“No overcrowding” is the rule you should live by when using your air fryer to cook pretty much any food, including bacon. Patience is key when it comes to using this kitchen tool, and you’ll have to perfectly arrange your bacon to avoid uneven cooking and consider preparing it in several batches.

Smoking Point

It’s a good idea to preheat your air fryer before using it and keep the temperature to 350F so it could reach the desired crispiness without burning down. You can also prevent smoking and burning by putting some water or a piece of bread under the air fryer’s basket to soak up excess grease.

Cooking Time

The cooking time of bacon varies from one air fryer to another, and it also depends on the thickness of the bacon. It shouldn’t take more than 8-9 minutes for regular bacon, while thicker slices will probably need 2-3 more minutes to reach their peak crispiness. You can always stop the air fryer halfway and check on your food if you’re still a beginner.