3 Steps for Picking a Thanksgiving Turkey of Perfect Size

Thanksgiving turkey tips
Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

Roasted turkey is the centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinner, but many things can go wrong when preparing it. The first mistake you should avoid making is picking the turkey that’s too big or too small. If you’re not sure how to make the right choice, these three steps will get you there.

Group Size

The size of your turkey will be largely determined by the number of people you’re hosting. It’s usually enough to aim for one or two pounds per person and use this number to determine the size of your Thanksgiving turkey.

Go Small or Go Home

Bigger turkeys may look nice in pictures, but they’re not always the healthiest and most practical choice. If the turkey is too good to be true, there are chances it’s been pumped with chemicals to grow bigger. With smaller turkeys, there’s a better chance they’ve been naturally grown.

Oven Troubles

There’s nothing worse than realizing your enormous turkey doesn’t actually fit inside your oven. If you don’t want to cut it into pieces, go with a smaller bird and consider buying two if you think one is not enough. They also have the advantage of roasting faster and more consistently inside your oven.