3 Soups to Warm Your Soul During Cold Weather

Image by MYCCF from Pixabay

Soup at its core is supposed to warm you up, but there are certain soups that are particularly warm in their heaviness as well as their temperature. These are considered to be heavy in texture and richness of ingredients, where you find yourself getting fuller quicker than if you were to eat a lighter, brothier soup. These kinds of soups are especially great when it’s chilly outside and here are three that get the job done.

Tomato Cabbage Soup

There are many different varieties of tomato soup, and each one is tastier than the next. However, tomato cabbage soup is a particularly delicious concoction and the kind of thing that hits the spot like no other during the winter months.

Mushroom Barley Soup

If you’re something who enjoys a little barley in their soup, mushroom barley soup is the way to go. It’s a very heavy mixture that will leave you full after the third bite, and you’ll feel satisfied in all the best ways.

Beef Soup

Last but not least, we recommend trying beef soup during the winter. It’s the absolute definition of a heavy soup and it has flavors up the wazoo. Of course, a lot of that still depends on how you prepare it, but beef soup traditionally is made with a gamut of tasteful seasonings, laid out on top of the already rich beef flavor.