3 Old Diets That Sound Ridiculous Today

Old diets
Photo by Christina Branco on Unsplash

Food is an essential part of what makes us human and it can be seen from many different angles. It provides nutrition and keeps us alive, but too much of it can mess up with our health and weight. Diets that promise quick results have always been popular, and here are some that used to sound great but seem completely ridiculous today.

The Cigarette Diet

Although cigarettes are far from being banned, not many people use them as a way to regulate weight anymore. Back in the 1920s, smoking was a popular way to control eating, especially snacking and eating sweets. Tobacco companies promoted cigarettes to women as an effective weight-loss aid.

The Vogue Diet

Helen Gurley Brown, who later became the editor of Cosmo, promoted a diet for women who want to stay young. According to her, your menu should consist of an egg for breakfast, another egg for lunch followed by black coffee, and a glass of white wine. For dinner, you can have a steak and finish your wine bottle. We can see how this will make you lose weight, but it sounds wrong on so many levels!

The Cookie Diet

In the 1970s, Dr. Sanford Siegal promoted prescription-based weight loss cookies that had a “revolutionary” hunger-control formula. Besides the cookies, you can eat 500-700 calories per day and that’s it. Also, the monthly dose of cookies cost $179.99.