3 of the Best Japanese Fish Dishes

    Photo: Jun Seita/Wikimedia Commons

    Everyone knows the Japanese are particularly good at cooking fish. It is the base ingredient of their cuisine, and Japanese-style fish has become intensely popular around the world.

    Here are 3 of the most popular fish dishes Japan has to offer.


    In Japanese this dish means “foreign marinade.” This is because the fish is marinated in vinegar, deep fried and served with onions, cucumbers and hot red peppers. These were foods introduced from the West.


    This interesting dish is made from grilled eel fillets and steamed rice. The eel is specially grilled in the kabayaki style, where it is put on a skewer and grilled in tare sauce.


    This traditional Japanese dish centers around grilled eel and steamed rice again. But it is accompanied by a number of garnishes and condiments and is served in a very particular way. It is served in four portions. The first is eaten on its own. The second is served with seaweed, green onions and wasarbi sauce. The third is the same but with a green tea soup addition, while the fourth can be enjoyed in whatever way you like.