3 Instagram Accounts Devoted to Healthy Eating

When it comes to social media, you probably already know how important it is to watch who you follow and what kind of content you consume on a daily basis. If you’re someone who’s interested in learning more about healthy food and how to make it, we have a few Instagram accounts you can add to your feed. Check them out below.

Compston Kitchen

This account is run by Stephen and Elise Compston, a married couple and registered dietitians. They enjoy cooking together and educating their followers about how to eat healthier on a daily basis. They use the hashtag #upgradedeverydayetas to help everyone make the small changes in their diet to make it a lot healthier.

Budget Bytes

Many food-related social media accounts use ingredients that cost a lot and aren’t available to many people, but that’s not the case with Budget Bytes. The account is specialized in recommending healthy recipes on a budget, which is great for pretty much everyone. Eat well and save your hard-earned cash for something more exciting!

Fit Men Cook

Among the majority of women behind the social media accounts devoted to cooking is Fit Men Cook, run by Kevin Curry who’s not afraid to experiment with common recipes and turn them into delicious and healthy meals you can easily copy at home.