3 Delectable Delights to Come From Japan

Photo by Mahmoud Fawzy on Unsplash

Japan has given the world some of its most delicious foods ever tasted. Thanks to its rich background in the culinary arts, our society has benefited immensely in a handful of ways. From our ever-evolving taste buds to the way we consume food, we have a lot to thank Japan for. Here are three foods to come from there that changed the world forever.


Of course sushi would be the number one entry on this list. This sticky rice and seaweed phenomenon was trickling in western society little by little over the last century, but in the new millennium has become more popular than ever.


Essentially sushi but without the rice or seaweed, sashimi is a raw fish-lover’s dream. Commonly served with sushi at most sushi establishments around the world, sashimi is yet another strong culinary contribution from Japan.


Ramen noodle soup has influenced the way we think about food, in addition to just how we eat it. Not only is it incredibly tasty, but it’s evolved in our society as a practical way to eating dinner. For a very cheap price, people on a budget can buy instant ramen noodles from a convenience store and it’ll taste delicious.