How to Flawlessly Cook Pasta Every Single Time

Cooking pasta comes naturally to some people, while others always end up frustrated because something’s not right. If your pasta turns out anything less than perfect, perhaps revisiting the basic cooking steps will help you see where you’re making a mistake. This is a foolproof guide that works every time.

  1. You’ll need four quarts of water for each pound of pasta or more if you have a big pot. This is important for preventing pasta from sticking.
  2. Adding a tablespoon of salt will provide great flavor.
  3. Let the water boil before adding the pasta. Never break it; instead, let it soften up and it will fit the pot comfortably.
  4. Stir once at the beginning and several more times throughout the cooking process.
  5. Your pasta packaging should tell you the approximate cooking time, but always taste it before removing from the heat.
  6. Drain, add sauce, and you’re done!