Are You Guilty of These Bad Cooking Habits?

Cooking in the kitchen
Photo by Le Creuset on Unsplash

Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of having at least a few bad tendencies in the kitchen. These bad habits can eventually lead to cooking disasters, though, so let’s ditch them ASAP and start from scratch with better habits. Are you guilty of any of these kitchen crimes?

Overcrowding a Pan

We know it’s tempting not to overcrowd the pan—especially when you’re in a hurry—but you should definitely avoid making this mistake if you want your food to be tasty and crispy. Putting too many ingredients into a pan will likely result in soft and flavorless food, which is why it’s best to cook in batches, if necessary.

Opening the Oven

Most beginner bakers are likely to make the mistake of opening the oven while baking, which is something you should avoid. Why? Opening the oven releases heat and changes the temperature, risking your food to not cook or bake properly.

Using Expired Products

Even though using expired ingredients like spices or herbs might seem safe, it’s best to avoid this mistake. Asides from potential health hazards from using products that are past their shelf-life, expired spices won’t add the same flavor to your dishes as fresh ones.

Saving Cleaning for the End

Dropping this habit is a game-changer in the kitchen. If you’re one of those people who are constantly leaving a mess in the kitchen after cooking, it’s time to adopt this simple habit. Experienced cooks advise that you clean the kitchen as you go because this will make cooking less stressful, leave you with more space to cook, and save you some work for later.