3 Foods That are Sometimes Good When They’re Mushy

Photo by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron on Unsplash

Mushy food doesn’t usually spell out the word appetizing—most of the time. Just saying the word “mushy” is making us uncomfortable even as we’re writing this. But as all seasoned cooks and bakers will know, having mushy food on your hands isn’t always a bad thing. Here are three instances where it’ll benefit you if your food is mushy!


All guacamole-lovers knew this one was coming. Indeed, a mushy avocado is exactly what one needs if they’re trying to make themselves a fresh, tasty mix of guac. The mushier, the easier it is to mash up and mix in whichever seasonings you like!


Banana is another great example of a food that can benefit if it’s mushy. “Can” is the key word here because a solid banana is great on its own as well. It’s just that a mushy food can, alternatively, provide great fodder for a sweet, tasty, banana cake recipe.


Perhaps this one is more about personal taste, but we can’t stand cooked salmon when it’s too dry. Does that mean that we’d prefer it to be mushy? To be honest, somewhere in the middle would be preferable, but we’d definitely rather it be moist than hard and dry.