Your Salads Are Better Off Without These Five Ingredients

Image by hagelund from Pixabay

Whenever someone mentions a healthy diet, salad is one of the first dishes that come to mind, but they can be transformed into a calorie bomb if you end up using the wrong ingredients. Here’s a couple of common add-ins that are best avoided when it comes to healthy salads.


Bread croutons are often added to salads—and they are truly tasty and adorable—but you should skip them if you’re trying to make a low-carb salad.

Honey Nuts

Nuts also often make their way into a healthy salad, and there’s nothing wrong with them as long as you use them in moderation and try to avoid honey-glazed nuts with high sugar content.

Crispy Bacon

Crispy bacon bits won’t do any favors to your salad, and if you’re trying to keep your diet healthy try to limit or cut the intake of this food.

Fried Foods

Just like bacon, fried foods are another surprising ingredient people enjoy adding to their salads, despite their high calorie and sodium content.

Wrong Dressings

The choice of dressings can make or break your salad. Creamy dressings, such as ranch and blue cheese, won’t do you any favors since they’re often high in calories and fat.