You Need to Try Out These 3 Swiss Recipes

Rösti Potatoes
Image by Eddie100164/depositphotos

If you like potatoes, cheese, and simple recipes that don’t require too many fancy tools or ingredients, then you’ll love Swiss cuisine. It consists of lots of comfort food that is perfect for the colder months. So, if you happen to love fondue and want to try more Swiss food, here are three Swiss recipes that we highly recommend.


You can pretty much think of rosti as a potato fritter or a latke which means that, yep, this Swiss dish consists of fried, shredded potatoes. Yum! You can make them big or little—whatever your heart desires. This recipe from Fine Cooking shows you just how to do it. Best of all? It only requires 4 ingredients—and you probably already have them all at home.


Do you appreciate rosti for its simplicity and potato-y goodness? Then you’ll love gschwellti, a dish that consists of potatoes cooked in their skin and served with raclette and/or other cheeses. Check out this recipe from Helvetic Kitchen to figure out how to make this incredibly simple, traditional dish.


If you’re ready to move on to a Swiss dessert, then you’ll want to try carac. As one of the most common Swiss pastries, this fun, green treat is a chocolate-filled tart topped with ganache and icing. 196 Flavors shows you how to make it here.