You Have to Try These Foods in Malaysia

Foods in Malaysia
Image by Sharon Ang from Pixabay

The small southeast Asian country of Malaysia—split between the tip of the Malay peninsula and the island of Borneo—is such an underrated destination for foodies. The combination of cultural influences and local products—which have influenced this country’s food scene—makes for a truly fascinating place to eat.

If you find yourself traveling to Malaysia, add these foods to your list of things to try.

Apam Balik

Starting out with something for your sweet tooth, Apam Balik is a must-try if you want to taste one of Malaysia’s most traditional desserts. This fluffy pancake is stuffed with peanuts and cream corn, a marriage of flavors that might sound a bit strange but is oh-so-good.

Nasi Lemak

Rice is the base of many a Malaysian dish, and Nasi Lemak’s centerpiece is a scrumptious serving of coconut milk rice. Served with fried anchovies, peanuts, and cucumber—there’s no denying you won’t find anything else quite like this anywhere else in the world.


Do you like spicy foods? If so, Laksa is definitely going to be one of your favorite dishes to try in Malaysia. This hot soup gets its heat from dried chilis and also contains fresh fish (and often prawns too) along with vegetables and wheat noodles. Yum!