Viral Video Shows How Chill Time and Temperature Can Change How Cookies Look 

Image via bromabakery/TikTok

You might have noticed that you can end up with significantly different chocolate chip cookies even if you always use the same recipe. This is probably because you are not using the same chill time and baking temperature.

Chill time and temperature can completely change the way your cookie looks, even if you are using the same dough. You only need to check out a viral video from TikTok user @bromabakery to learn all about it.

In order to help home bakers get the cookie they want at all times, @bromabakery decided to bake several variations of cookies with the same dough but using different chill times and temperatures.

Baking the cookies at 350F without chilling the dough leads to “crackling” cookies, while dough that has been chilled for 30 minutes and baked at 350F leads to “thicker, chewier cookies.” Frozen dough, on the other hand, doesn’t spread and results in a thicker cookie.

If you like thinner cookies, you will want to use smooshed dough. For crunchier and crispier cookies, chill the dough for 30 minutes and bake at 375F. Finally, chilling the dough for two hours and baking the cookies at 350F results in “chewy cookies with just the right amount of spread.”

Check out @bromabakery’s clip below to find out all about the way the chill time and temperature affect the look of your cookies.


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