Try These Cured Meats For Your Sharing Platter

Salami platter
Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash

Cured meats are an essential part of the traditional sharing platter, as they deliver a lovely hit of savoriness and flavor that complements other elements such as fruits, nuts, and cheese. Check out these three essential cured meats, each of which offers something a little different for your sharing platter.


This thinly sliced Italian ham is a mainstay of sharing platters for good reason. Delicate yet full of flavor, it pairs beautifully with grapes, Brie, or just with bread and butter.


The fat content in salami means it has a delicious creamy texture and can be paired with tart, acidic flavors such as vinegar, red fruits, and chutneys. A little mustard on the side of your sharing platter may also be a welcome addition to pair with slices of salami.


This cured beef is strongly flavored, meaning it pairs well with bread, cheese, and fresh salad leaves. Try the classic combination with rye, or layer it up with chutney for a fruity combination.