This Unconventional Ingredient is the Secret to Making Your Brownies Better

Photo by Molly Keesling on Unsplash

Brownies are the wonderful love child between chocolate and cake that everyone needs in their life.

Whether you prefer them squidgy and fudgy in the center (yes, please!) or cakey and light (we’re not turning these away either!), brownies are a morsel that screams moreish.

Most people have a trusted brownie recipe that they turn to when the craving strikes, but we’re here to share a little trick. Before turning up your nose, hear us out: soy sauce is the secret to making your brownies better.

Still with us?

The Asian condiment enhances the chocolate flavor by adding an earthy saltiness that regular salt just doesn’t achieve. And because it’s in liquid form, it makes the brownies slightly moister.

So how do you incorporate this magic ingredient?

The trick can be used with any brownie recipe you prefer. Simply substitute one teaspoon of kosher salt with two teaspoons of soy sauce and enjoy the results.

Don’t worry, your baked goods won’t taste like they need to be paired with sushi. Instead, the umami flavor from the soy sauce will add an extra element that makes it impossible to resist another piece!