These Tips are the Secret to the Perfect Fish and Chips

Fish and chips
Photo by Christoffer Engström on Unsplash

There is one nation on Earth that has perfected the classic dish of fish and chips, and that’s the British. Beer-batted cod and crunchy chips served in newspaper are as synonymous with the UK as cups of tea and grey skies. If you’re craving the perfect fish and chips, following these tips will have you thinking you’ve landed in London!

Pick the Perfect Potato

The ideal chip should be crispy, yet fluffy inside. And so, it all comes down to what potato you choose. Floury potatoes are best, so look for King Edward, Maris Piper, Sante, russet, and Yukon Gold.

Some Like it Hot

It’s super important to ensure that your oil is at the right temperature before frying your fish and chips. Make sure the oil is at 350 F as any lower will result in the oil being absorbed into the batter and potatoes, leaving you with greasy fish and chips that are on the soggy side. Overcrowding the pan during deep-frying can also cause the temperature to drop, so keep an eye on that oil!

Twice as Nice

The secret to incredible chips? Cooking them twice! Fry your potatoes for around two minutes before removing them from the oil and letting them sit. This ensures that the chips are cooked through. After a few minutes, return them to the hot oil for around five minutes and watch them go gloriously golden and crisp!