These Hacks and Tips Will Help You Have a Better Experience at Burger King

Burger King
Photo by Marquise de Photographie on Unsplash

Want to make your next trip to Burger King an absolute success? Then, simply use one of the following hacks and tips. 

Get Some Frings

Craving for onion rings and French fries but don’t want to overdo it? Burger King has your back. Simply ask for an order of frings, which will signal the staff to mix some onion rings into your French fries.

Add Bacon to Everything

You can find bacon as a standard ingredient in many Burger King burgers, but why stop there? The staff at this fast-food chain will add bacon to anything you want. You just have to ask. 

Don’t Hesitate to Order Kids Meal

If you are not too hungry, a kid’s meal is a great option, and yes, it is perfectly fine for adults to order it. You will avoid eating too much, save money, and you can ask for a dessert instead of a toy.

Check the Back of Your Receipt

Most people simply crumple their Burger King receipt and throw it in the first trash can they see. You don’t want to make the same mistake since the back of the receipt usually contains discount codes or links for online surveys that come with a free Whopper or a chicken sandwich.