These Are The Best Food Cities In America

Photo: eatcheapwithmei/Instagram

The United States are the home of amazing places, most of which are especially interesting for foodies. If you want to travel to locations that have super-delicious meals, these are the four best food cities in America.

Portland, OR

Portland might not be your first choice of a place to visit in the USA, but if you are huge on food, it should be. The best thing is that it’s a very affordable location, where chefs use the best fresh ingredients on the market.

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco has a very diverse dining scene. This is one of those cities that can satisfy all of your cravings. In the past few years the city got so many new and innovative places that it became one of the top destinations for foodies.

New York, NY

New York City is where you can get anything you can think of. In terms of food, this means a very rich and diverse cuisine. Some of the most popular chefs in the world have their own restaurants in the Big Apple, so you definitely want to check them out.

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is officially one of the best food cities in America according to critics. The amazing music here goes hand-in-hand with delicious meals. You can expect to taste various different influences, including from the Old Continent.