Take Your Toast Game to the Next Level with Luba Pavia

Image by FoodieFactor from Pixabay

Toast is one of those breakfast essentials we all know and love, but how often do you experiment with your go-to recipe? If you’re in the mood for some change after sticking to the same ingredients for too long, try some of these ideas from Luba Pavia’s Instagram.

Avocado Chickpeas Toast

Avocado and chickpeas are two of the trendiest staples of the vegan diet, so how about using them both as your toast topping at the same time?

Avocado Mushroom Toast

Luba Pavia’s blog is a great source of recipe for avocado toast lovers. If chickpeas simply aren’t your thing, how about replacing them with some juicy sautéed mushrooms you can pour over your mashed avocado?

Tofu Avocado Toast

Continue your avocado toast obsession with this must-try recipe for tofu scramble and mashed avocado crispy toast, which you can also top with some cherry tomatoes and parsley.

White Beans Tomato Toast

Take a break from avocado toast by using white beans in tomato sauce as your main ingredient and top your delicious toast with cherry tomatoes, coriander leaves, and sunflower seeds.