Spring is the Season When These Fruits and Veggies Peak

Spring fruits and vegetables: Radishes
Photo by philippe collard on Unsplash

Spring is the time when nature blossoms and many delicious fruits and vegetables come to our plates in their freshest editions. Most people in the western world are today able to get pretty much any food all year long, but fresh spring produce is so much more delicious than the frozen alternatives available at the supermarkets. Here are some fruits and vegetables you should look for these days.

A Quick List

  • Strawberries peak from April till June and that’s when you want to get them.
  • Radishes are sweet and crunchy in spring, perfect for adding to any salad.
  • New potatoes have super-thin skin, sugary instead of starchy taste, and an amazing potential for many spring dishes.
  • Baby carrots are harvested in spring and early summer, and they are the most delicious carrots you’ll eat.

Other Factors to Consider

The availability of foods definitely depends on the region. Not all of them can be harvested at the same time, so it’s a good idea to walk to your nearest farmer’s market once per week and see what’s new. Discover the freshest spring colors and flavors and find the recipes that use them if you feel like cooking light spring meals. It can be very relaxing and great for your health!