Put a Healthy Twist on Your Pasta Salad in Five Steps

Pasta Salad
Photo by Bakd&Raw by Karolin Baitinger on Unsplash

Pasta salad does a great job mixing our two favorite dishes into one, and there are ways to make it extra healthy without sacrificing its flavor. If you’re in the mood to put a healthy and delicious twist on your pasta salad, these five tips will get you there.

Whole Grain Pasta

The pasta you use will determine how healthy your whole dish is going to be, so make sure to go for whole-grain pasta whenever possible because it’s richer in fiber and nutrients.

Veggie Bonanza

Veggies can add vitamins and minerals to your pasta salad and up its fiber content. To make the whole thing even better, the options are pretty much endless, and you can use everything from cherry tomatoes to broccoli to make your salad pop.

How About Protein?

If you’re looking for a way to up the protein content on your pasta salad, chicken breast, shrimp, chickpeas, and tofu will get you there.

Dressings and Salt

Use salt in moderation or replace it with fresh herbs to elevate the taste of your salad. Also, consider ditching creamy dressings or replacing them with healthier homemade alternatives.

Cheese Selection

If you love mixing up cheese in your pasta salad, keep in mind this ingredient can add extra calories and saturated fats to your dish, so opt for lower-fat cheeses and use them in moderation.