Best Wines to Pair Up with Smoked Salmon

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Fine dining and delicious wines go hand in hand, but it’s extremely important to make the right pick. If you’re thinking of ordering smoked salmon during your fancy dinner, here’s a couple of beverages that will go great with an assertive flavor and oily texture of this pescatarian dish.


It’s not a coincidence that smoked salmon is commonly associated with champagne. You can’t go wrong by ordering them together but stick to the classics because white campaigns provide the best match for smoked salmon thanks to their dry finish and sparkly texture.

White Wines

Your second-best option is ordering white wines with this delicious dish. Their light, crisp and subtle taste will provide the perfect balance you’re looking for and offset the smoky and salty flavor of your salmon.

Dry Riesling

This aromatic German wine is also often paired off with smoked salmon, but you have to tread lightly when picking the right one. Certain types can be pretty sweet, so try to steer clear of those because they’re not a great match with this tasty dish.

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