Make Perfect Sushi by Avoiding These Common Rice Mistakes

Sushi making
Photo by Luigi Pozzoli on Unsplash

It takes a lot of time to master the art of making sushi, and it all starts with perfecting the way you’re using one of its most important ingredients. Sushi wouldn’t be the same without sticky rice, and here are three common mistakes that you should avoid when adding it to the mix.

Using Brown Rice

You may be tempted to use brown rice in your sushi because it’s known as a healthy option, but think twice before doing so. The rice you’re using in your sushi has to be sticky, and brown rice simply doesn’t fit the bill so stick to the short-grain variety instead.

No Prep

Properly prepping your rice is an essential part of making sushi, and rinsing is the first step that you’ll have to take. If you skip this step, your rice will have a syrup-like texture, and that’s a huge no-no when it comes to sushi. You’ll also struggle to roll your sushi if your rice doesn’t have a sticky texture once you’re done cooking it.

Wrong Amount

Less is more when it comes to the amount of rice that you’re going to use when rolling your sushi. If you go overboard, rice will overpower other tasty ingredients that should give your sushi delicious flavor, but the biggest problem is that you’ll have a hard time rolling it.