How to Choose a Healthy Breakfast Cereal

Healthy cereal
Photo by Nyana Stoica on Unsplash

Breakfast cereal is a favorite choice for many all around the world. A simple bowl of this staple—along with milk and a cup of coffee or a glass of juice—is the perfect energy-boosting start to your morning. However, if you buy the wrong cereal, this can end up being an unhealthy start to your day.

Look for Whole Grain

Whole grain cereals are a much better choice than the processed, over-refined cereals that contain refined grains. Whole grains are heart-healthy and are more nutritious in general than the alternative, which is often found in cheap, sugary cereals.

Avoid Excess Added Sugars

Added sugars are another no-no when buying cereal, especially when they are found in large quantities. If you eat cereals that contain added sugars, this can lead to a blood sugar spike and a “sugar buzz,” which will later wear off as the morning goes by, making you feel sluggish.

Dried Fruits Are a Plus

Even if you don’t have the time or ability to add sliced fruits or berries to your cereal at breakfast time, there are plenty of varieties sold that contain dried fruits. These are a great way to make cereal sweeter in a healthy way, while adding to your consumption of this nutritious part of the food pyramid.