Holly Fox Makes Adorable Cookies Using Her Graphic Design Skills

Some of our favorite bakers who became online sensations have a completely different professional background, and Holly Fox is the perfect example. This graphic designer uses her skills to create some of the most colorful and aesthetically pleasing cookies we’ve ever seen.

With almost 350.000 followers on her Instagram page hol_fox, she became one of the most popular bakers on this platform – and for a reason! Her cookies look so adorable that it’s impossible to resist looking at them, even if you only get to see them on your Instagram feed.

It’s been seven years since Holly decided to start baking for fun, and she had no idea her hobby would grow into something much bigger over time. Her colorful sugar cookies allowed her to mix two of her passions into one, and she hasn’t stopped ever since.

In addition to sharing photos of her delicious cookies online, Holly Fox is encouraging others to give it a try. Cookie cutters, decorating squeeze bottle sets, and other baking supplies are available at her Etsy store.