Here Are The Three Best Cities In The USA To Travel As A Vegan

Vegan food
Photo by Cocobols on Unsplash

As vegan and plant-based diets continue to trend, more and more cities have begun increasing their plant-based markets by opening up cafes and restaurants that are vegan or vegan friendly. Certain cities in the US are known for having some of the vegan culinary experiences in the world. Keep reading for three cities you should visit if you’re traveling as a vegan.

Los Angeles

LA is more than just Hollywood. The city is a vast and diverse place offering up some of the finest and unique culinary scenes. The health food scene, particularly vegan and plant-based culture is rampant making this city notorious for some of the best vegan and plant based friendly places. You should definitely add LA to your travel plans if you’re looking to eat well as a vegan!

New York City

NYC is home to many, especially a unique and diverse foodie’s scene. This makes being vegan a total foodie adventure. Many restaurants take plant based to the next level offering up creative and inspired menus that make being vegan a whole new world. We recommend Anixi for a Middle Eastern vegan excursion.


Miami is a wonderful place to visit for that ultimate beach vacation you’ve been dreaming about. Health food and vegan food is big in this city, so you will find no shortage of vegan menus around here!