Healthy Sweet Alternatives to Sugar

Sugar alternatives
Image by David Greenwood-Haigh from Pixabay

Many of us have a sweet tooth and delight in eating the odd cookie, cake or pastry. But we also hear multiple times a day that too much sugar is bad for our health. What are we to do? Fortunately, there are healthy alternatives out there. This means we can enjoy our cupcake with a light heart and guilt free. Here are 4 of the best healthy sweeteners for you to try.

Coconut Sugar

Although high in calories, coconut sugar is packed full of essential nutrients. It contain good fatty acids, antioxidants that boost the immune system, and vital minerals such as potassium, calcium, zinc and iron. A good perk of coconut sugar is you can use the same ratio as normal caster sugar. This makes cooking a breeze.


In addition to high levels of iron, potassium, calcium, copper and B vitamins, molasses contain the most antioxidants of all sweeteners.


Bananas are an excellent natural sweetener. You can use whole bananas when baking to make banana bread, cakes and pastries. They are full of potassium, magnesium, fiber and antioxidants. They are great for improving digestive and heart health.

Maple Crystals

Made from dehydrated maple sap, maple crystals are packed with vital minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, zinc and folic acid. These are essential for strong immune, cardiovascular and reproductive systems.