Healthiest Food Trends We Fell in Love with This Decade

Photo by Wesual Click on Unsplash

Every decade brings a slew of new food trends, but some of them manage to really stick around and become a part of our daily menu. The 2010s were the most health-conscious decade to date and led to a rise in the popularity of many healthy foods that aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

Plant-Based Meats

More and more people are removing meat from their diet, and turning to its plant-based alternatives – and big box stores and major fast-food chains are taking notice.

Kale Craze

Kale transformed from a boring leafy green to an “it” food this decade, and it became an essential ingredient of our favorite green smoothies.

Acai Bowls

Acai bowls overflowed our Instagram feeds in the past few years, and become one of the most popular healthy dessert options.

Milk Alternatives

Dairy milk is slowly becoming a thing of the past, as more people are turning to oat, almond and soy alternatives every day.

Avocado Toast

Despite their high-calorie count, avocados come with a long list of health benefits, and who could possibly resist a nice avocado toast every once in a while?