Discover Sweet Treasures in Captain Candy Shops Across Europe

If you share the same kind of passion for traveling and candy that we do, Captain Candy shops are your heaven on Earth. They can be found in several cities across Europe and each one is filled with a sea of sweet treasures waiting to be discovered.

Captain Candy stores will win you over with their pirate-themed décor, but you’ll stick around for something else entirely. All of their candy is placed inside huge barrels, and we wouldn’t judge you if you have a hard time picking what to try after seeing everything they have in store.

The first Captain Candy shop opened in Prague, but this is no longer the only city where you can find them. They’re also available in Dubrovnik and Venice, and we’re hoping they’ll expand to other cities, so tourists with sweet tooths can enjoy them wherever they go.

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⁣ 🇵🇱 Pierwsza myśl po zobaczeniu tego sklepu brzmiała: „Wow! Wygląda na ciekawe miejsce do polecenia!” 🤩 Więc weszliśmy do środka i zaczęliśmy snuć się po wnętrzu w pirackim stylu, zanurzając dłonie w beczkach pełnych ton cukru przez następne 10 minut. Cukierki wyglądały przepysznie, a co najlepsze – miały niekonwencjonalne kształty jak naboje czy piłeczki tenisowe! 🎾 Genialne, nie?! 🍭🍫⁣ Cóż, zabawa jednak skończyła się wraz z wyjściem ze sklepu. Okazało się, że poza interesującą wizualną otoczką, sklep nie ma nic do zaoferowania. Większość słodyczy, które wzięliśmy (po kilka z każdego rodzaju, bo tak zaciekawiły nas wyglądem) wcale nie wyróżnia się jakoś szczególnie smakiem, a nawet smakowały jak te stare, które otwieramy na pewien czas i do których dostało się już powietrze. Wiecie o co mi chodzi. („Metalowe” kulki i te z nadzieniem nerkowca były nieco lepsze.) Szkoda! Pomysł świetny, niestety wykonanie słabe… 😕⁣ ⁣ 🇬🇧 First thought after seeing this shop was ‘Oh, it looks like an interesting place to recommend to people!’ 🤩 So I came inside and started exploring pirate-style interior with tons of sugar to offer. Next 10 minutes we spent snooping around barrels with tasty looking sweets in funny shapes – for example resembling bullets or tennis balls! 🎾 Pretty cool, huh?! 🍭🍫⁣ Well, after we left the fun ended right there. It turned out apart from visual aspect, it has nothing to offer. Almost all the candies we took (several of each kind, because they intrigued us with their appearance) didn’t stand out as anything special, and even tasted like the old ones, that we open for a while and into which the air gets then. You know what I mean. (Cashew nut and "metal" balls were nice though.) Shame! The idea was great, but the performance is poor… 😕⁣ ⁣ #captaincandy #captaincandyvenice #venice #venicetips #venicetraveltips #travelgirl #travelingram #traveling #travelaroundtheworld #travelexperience #travelspots #venicestreets #italianmood #italia #italymood #candies #candy #sweets #candyshop #traveltips #europetravel #traveler #sweetslover #travelwithstyle #babyblue #fashionablezone #fashionablegirl #fashionablelife

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If you’re having a hard time making the perfect pick, you can always go with one of their signature Pirate’s mixes. This includes several different candy options, and you can always take them home so people who’ve never had a chance to visit Prague, Dubrovnik, or Venice can try them as well.

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Suga suga 🍬

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