Check Out These 2020 Food Trends

2020 is just around the corner and with any new year comes new trends. This past year was all about health and wellness, as clean-eating and plant-based products took center stage. Will healthy eating continue in 2020 or are we going to see new trends emerge?

Healthy Snacks

Part of living a healthier lifestyle is finding better ways of snacking. Snacking is inevitable, but we can change how we snack. Instead of reaching for something like pretzels or cookies, which have no nutritional value, popped and puffed snacks and protein and plant-based products will be your go-to.

Concept Kitchens

There’s nothing more exciting than watching your food being made right in front of your eyes. Subway and Chipotle have been doing this with fast food for a while, but fine dining establishments are expected to follow suit. Concept Kitchens are more sanitary and the food is always fresher.

Fermented Beverages & Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol is definitely not the healthiest drink out there, but completely getting rid of it isn’t an option for everyone. Instead, alcoholic drinks with less alcohol content and alcohol still water (spiked water without the fizz) are rising in popularity. Kombucha will also remain stocked on grocery shelves.


A zero-waste lifestyle has become more popular recently and the food and beverage industry has finally decided to hop on the trend. Over 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted each year and by 2025 it’s expected that 2.2 billion will be thrown. Fruits and vegetables are the most wasted because supermarkets throw them when they don’t look “perfect.” They may be slightly bruised or misshapen, but they’re still completely edible.