A Crash Course in Different Bread Types

Photo by Jude Infantini on Unsplash

Our society has gotten to a point where we’ve deemed carbs the devil, and thus everything that contains them—bread included—must be ousted from our diets. However, some of us still enjoy consuming bread on the regular, and if you consider yourself part of that crowd, here are a few of the many different kinds of bread there are out there.


We thought we’d kick things off with the incredible sourdough bread. Unlike its counterparts that get made with artificial yeast, sourdough requires a natural starter cultivated from wild yeast, which makes it considerably healthier than other breads.


Rye, known for being prevalent in delis, is another bread that you may want to consider trying. It’s a bit more on the bitter side, but you’ll find that that can be a good thing in many different scenarios.


If you’re looking for bread that’s darker than most, we’d recommend checking out pumpernickel. Visuals aside, it has a unique flavor that some people love, and it’s definitely worth checking out at least once.


Finally, one of the most common bread types is regular old white bread. While it may get a bad rap for being less healthy, it’s still arguably the tastiest bread that you can try.