4 Lessons From the French About Enjoying Food

French food
Photo by Jim Harris on Unsplash

When it comes to sophisticated dining, no one does it better than the French. The country’s love of food is well documented, with a certain je ne sais quoi applied when eating and drinking. Although it may not always be possible to sojourn in the south of France or picnic in Paris, these lessons from the French will make dining an enriching experience wherever you are in the world.

Make Space For Cheese

Camembert, Brie, Gruyère, and Roquefort are just some of the glorious cheeses we have France to thank for (there are more than 1,000 kinds!) and there is no reason they shouldn’t be part of the meal. Traditionally, a cheese platter is served after the main course, prior to dessert.

Life is Short—Order Dessert

Speaking of dessert, the French believe in ending their meals with something sweet. This doesn’t always have to be a crème brûlée or soufflé (though we definitely won’t say no)—a piece of chocolate, biscuit, liqueur, or coffee all do well to wrap up the meal nicely.

Full Flavor

The French don’t believe in compromising on flavor, so it is common for most dishes to include full-fat versions of milk, cream, cheese, and the like. While such elements should be consumed in moderation, food is viewed among life’s simple pleasures, so enjoy!

Take Your Time

With dishes full of flavor, the French know that it is important to slow down and savor every bite. Eating slower is also better for your health as it gives the body time to realize that it is full and prevents over-eating. Meals can turn into long, leisurely affairs that don’t always align with workdays around the world, but hopefully, you’ll be inspired to give yourself some time to enjoy your food.